Which Carpet To Choose

with so many carpets to choose from how can you make the right decision

The main factors to consider are, material, what is the carpet made of and area to which the carpet is going to be installed.

Man made fibers such has Nylon and polypropylene, both offer stain resistance and are suitable any where in the home.

Wool carpet is more expensive and offers better colour variation with being a lot more resilient is suitable for every home

Which Carpet Should you Choose?

It is essential that you choose a carpet that not only complements your home’s interior design but also your lifestyle.

What is the pile of a carpet?

Carpet pile is simply the thickness of the fibers used to create the

weave of the carpet. Along with the thickness, the length of the fiber

also determines the pile of a carpet.

The pile will make a difference to both the production and the price of a carpet.

Which type of carpet is the most hard wearing?

The best carpet to be used in high traffic or busy areas is a

patterned, loop pile carpet.

Loop pile carpets are particularly hard wearing and popular in busy rooms, while patterned designs help to disguise damage or stains and make the carpet even more durable.

How do you choose the right texture of a carpet?

The texture of the carpet you choose should reflect your lifestyle.

Some textured carpets require more maintenance than others so make sure

you take this into consideration when making your choice.

Where is the best place to have carpet in a house?

Carpet should always be placed in rooms where warmth is necessary

with the most popular rooms being bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.

Alternative flooring options such as vinyl are typically preferred in

wetter rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom – where spillages and

stains are more likely to occur – but there are some specialist carpets

available for these rooms.

Which carpet is best for pets?

Patterned carpets work well in houses with pets and children as they

are hard-wearing and durable. They are also more resilient to stains and

muddy paw-prints.